Thursday, December 10, 2009

MayFlower for some good Dim Sum

The first time I had Dim Sum was at a famous restaurant in Panama called Lung Fung. It's purely authentic, the waiters wheel out carts of warm fresh dishes every few minutes, and you can pick whatever you'd like. Dim Sum are little plates with individually sized edibles that you usually dip in some chili or soy sauce. I love this type of cuisine because you get to eat a little bit everything, you're not just stuck with one dish. My boyfriend and I have been to a couple other Dim Sum places, but MayFlower is the closest to campus and definitely the most convenient.

We started off with Corn and Egg soup. The consistency was sweeter and creamier than any other version I've had, and I actually find it quite pleasant.

The waitress then brought us the Crab Cheese Puffs, which also had a slightly sweet taste to it. I liked the way they fried these triangles but I wish they spread the filling around more evenly.

Then came the rest of our Dim Sum, the Shark Fin Dumplings and Shui Mai. Although I wasn't a big fan of the Shark Fin, I did liked the pork dumplings a lot... but that's a sure dish when it comes to Dim Sum. You can't ever go wrong with Shui Mai.

We also ordered a dish of Mongolian Lamb. There were a lot of green onions and it was fairly spicy. I mixed this in with the Pork and Duck Egg Porridge that we ordered on the side.

If you want to try out a new type of cuisine, you should stop by the MayFlower Restaurant. Here's the Yelp Link if you want to read some reviews or get more information!

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