Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear Extreme Pizza, Will you Marry me?

If you know me personally, then you probably know that I'm a very big fan of pizza. When I look back on my life experiences, I wonder... what's the best slice I've ever had in my life? It's always really hard to make a decision on "the best ____ I've ever had." People are always hesitant to say it, because they probably never really thought about it. I remember when I had my first crepe, and it was so good, I wanted to say "this is the best crepe I've ever had," but I felt like I'd be lying or something. But obviously it WAS the best crepe I've ever had, considering it was the only crepe I've ever had too.

Rantings aside, I've been considering this long and hard, and I've finally decided to say it... the best pizza I've ever had was from Extreme Pizza! My favorite is their Paia Pie, which has mandarin oranges, ham, and pineapple. It's the perfect blend of citrus and tang, balanced out with the richness of the ham. Delicious!

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