Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I love Marge!

Deep down College Ave, all the way by Rockridge Bart, is a magical gourmet food place called Market Hall. I have been blessed with a friend who works in their pastry section, who always treats me to delicious goodies!


This is the Fruit Tartlet. It's absolutely amazing, definitely my favorite. The crust is very buttery and flaky, there's a creamy center underneath the pile of fresh fruit and sugar glaze. If you were to order anything, I'd make this a MUST!

This is the Apple & Pear Galette. It's like an individual sized pie, only much better. The baked fruit is surrounded by a bowl of sugary crust that has a slight consistency of layered puff pastry. As I took my first bite, the fruit glaze started dripping out almost like soup.

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