Saturday, November 14, 2009

Review: Digiorno Pizza

I’m a pretty big fan of pizza and I’m not picky either. That means I’m always down for any kind that you throw at me. A couple weeks ago, I went psychotic and ordered from Extreme Pizza and Domino’s every single day for 6 days straight.

Well last night my friend and I decided to pig out on Digiorno. I’ve only had frozen a couple times, and that’s because they never taste as good as the real thing. Let me tell you, this Digiorno REALLY doesn’t taste like the real thing!

I suggest everyone to order from Extreme. They’re my absolute favorite. Apparently I’ve ordered from them so much that they actually started giving me a whole bunch of coupon codes. Here’s one that I always use when I’m ordering from the one down College: 2044 – Buy one pizza get one free


  1. GAH! are you kidding me digiorno fuckin OWNS. and its 5 bucks.

  2. but digornio doesnt have mothereffing CHEESE STICKS. Winner: Extreme.