Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dinner at the Park

Yesterday was such a nice day I decided to have dinner at Willard Park. I call it the "dog park" because there are always so many pups running around. If you don't mind getting an occasional snooper now and then, I definitely suggest you have a picnic here. It's gorgeous and I enjoy just sitting on the grass watching everything that is going on around me.

Our dinner consisted of Sam's burritos (famous for being 2 pounders), chocolate covered strawberries, and watermelon chunks. Of all the times I've eaten Sam's burritos, I've never been able to finish the entire thing in one sitting. These things are HUGE! Like, larger than Chipotle status.

The chocolate covered strawberries were absolutely delectable. I bought a package of 6 from the mobile-stand in front of Sproul. There's always something romantic about this treat and my boyfriend enjoyed feeding each other ;) !

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